by Michael Daly

When I sat down to plan this site, I intended it to be nothing more than a celebration of my father’s life, viewed, I hoped, by a few friends and family members. There were to be a few photographs, a simple list of his production credits and a potted life story. However, the more work I put into it, and the more people I spoke with, I came to realise that there are many people ‘out there’ who have a keen interest in many of the areas touched by Kevin’s life.

One of my aims was to make available to the public, in one place, some of the material and information Kevin has left in my posession, including stories of the people Kevin knew and worked with, many of whom are now sadly neglected. I sincerely hope it will find a receptive audience and that it is received in a similar spirit of good will. All material on this site is copyright and digitally watermarked, so if you would like to use any documents or photographs, or quote from any articles, please contact me before you do so.

Kevin’s recorded legacy is world-class, still sounding fresh, full of life, and technically perfect today; but there is little to be found on the internet about him, despite his achievements and thirty years in the record industry. In an attempt to redress the balance, this website offers my tribute to his many talents.