Recording with Kevin, by Norma Winstone, MBE

Kevin always seemed relaxed at recording sessions, as I remember. Even when we once turned up for a recording at ‘The Paramount Organ Works’ in Bolton which felt like someone’s house with an organ sunk into the lounge floor if I remember correctly! It was actually the home of cinema organist Ron Curtis’s three organs, one of which did actually rise up on its original cinema mechanism! Unfortunately, for our recording we were all put into different rooms where we couldn’t see each other – we had to abandon the project!

[Edge of Time - Norma Winstone] I also remember discussing my album Edge of Time with him. This came out on Decca as a result of my winning the 1971 Melody Maker vocalist award, when they suddenly realised that I was actually featured on some Argo recordings with jazz musician and composer Michael Garrick. The album (along with many others of that era) was fairly quickly deleted, and I said to Kevin that I guessed it was a bit too “far out”. He said that he didn’t think it was far out enough! I think I know what he meant – he was quite perceptive.