Working (and drinking) with Kevin, by Martin Atkinson

I was a recording engineer at Decca from 1976-1989 and knew Kevin, in fact I worked with him and Iain Churches recording Ron Curtis and one of his organs at Ron’s Paramount Organ Works in Bolton. We had to make two trips as the first trip ended in a drunken stupor at lunch time, with Ron being unable to play! As we couldn’t stay an extra day we had to re-schedule for a later date. At that final session we finished early, so we decided to go to Blackpool instead of returning straight back to London. We had a nice time there, which ended with me and Kevin in a nightclub. I have great capacity for drink but Kevin was remarkable! Nevertheless he managed to get us back to the hotel in one piece and summoned the night porter to get us even more drink! 

I also remember being at a party at Kevin and Lesley’s in Crouch End which I think was in 1976, as I was living at the YMCA in Hornsey at the time, having moved from Shropshire, and was amazed as his house seemed to be full of records and books. I had previously coerced Kevin into seeing an Irish folk band at a Hornsey pub who I thought were very good, but like most introductions in the record business it came to nothing, but we had a good night out! 

It’s very strange to see Kevin’s life story written down like a slice of history when he is someone you shared, albeit, a small piece of your life with. I remember feeling sad when he died, and that sadness has been revived reading this website. It all seems such a long time ago… and yet not. Kevin contributed more than most in his lifetime, a remarkable and lovely man. Your website is a fine tribute to a fine and talented man and has reminded me of some nice times, thanks.

Martin Atkinson